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Phase 1

The purpose of this project is to prepare the next generation of high school girls by providing them a holistic competence-based education. This will be comprised of academic excellence, transferable job skills, hands-on experiences, leadership skills, entrepreneurship initiatives, and overall workforce readiness training. This reformed secondary education system with an occupation-specific competency will prepare women to be successful in the market economy in Kenya through advancing greater professional opportunities. 

In addition to developing a career ready learner, this project is also attempting to close the opportunity gap between boys and girls that are progressing to the university level. Girls and women are still left behind in all sectors of life in Kenya. Being one of the few girls who was fortunate to have a father who was determined to provide education to all his children regardless of their gender; the founder Professor Mary Murimi is compelled to give back by providing an educational platform to other talented and low-income girls. 

In addition to a great curriculum, we feel compelled to demonstrate to all our learners the importance of fighting climate change by designing sustainable and earth friendly buildings that will educate our learners on how to be responsible to what God has generously given us.  Our architects have designed buildings that will harvest rainwater, capture the solar energy and facilitate recycling for the running of the school.  We have organized our building into three phases and we are asking you to generously consider helping us in meeting our phase one goals as outlined in the attached brochure.  In addition to your own giving, pass on the brochure too your network, family and friends. 

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