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Sustainability Strategies

1. Operable transom shutters, sliding door panels can be closed or opened to harvest seasonal winds and maximize ventilation.

2. Solar panels offset more than 100% of energy needs.

3. Rainwater collection system will offset non-potable uses, such as sewage conveyance and irrigation needs.

4. Operable skylights bring in daylight and allow hot air to escape.

5. Porches gives students protected circulation spaces designed to channel summer breezes and block harsh winter winds. 

6. The school fully supports and engages and understanding of rangeland conservation and its benefits, including carbon absorption and water, energy, and ecosystems balance.

Sustainable Strategies Diagram
Services: About
Services: About
Site Axonometric

Phase I

The project will be divided in four phases.  The first phase includes ~14,800 SF of program for approximately 60-80 students.  It includes classroom space, laboratories, dormitories, a cafeteria, showers / bathrooms, and an administration wing for staff and security. 


Approximate Estimate ~ $305,000.00 uSD.

(The median cost of a 2,000SF house in the United States.)

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Learning from Architecture

The building is a performative extension of the institutions educational rubric.  It aims to become a teaching tool to learn about rain water management, land stewardship, site hydrology and other sustainability strategies that are relevant to the regions agricultural eco-systems. 

Courtyard Breezeway
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